Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

The favorite time of the year. Mostly because of Halloween! My favorite Holiday of the year! I love decorating for Halloween. Each year after Halloween I buy more goodies to decorate with! I host the annual Halloween Bash, as Jormengrund told all of you (but it went a little differently then he stated mind you). I love helping the kids pick out costumes and taking them trick or treating! Today, we are taking the oldest to a church overnighter. Then off to dinner with the two younger kids. It will be their choice where to go, but I am sure they will pick McDonalds! Yum, Yum! Then we have to make the rounds to all of the relatives and friends. Then off to my newly found brother's house to go door to door with my nieces! (I will talk more about that family another day!) So, it is going to be a late night, and a hyper couple of weeks, as the kids will be hounding me every day for some of their candy. That is if Dad doesnt get to it all first!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN and BE SAFE!!