Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fitness Ridge Days 14-17

Well, I had a nice relaxing weekend! The best part was Saturday afternoon when a film crew was here to do some taping of the 5 potential Biggest Loser contestants. They needed extras so I gladly offered! We did a few mock classes for a couple of hours, so it will be interesting to see if any of the footage makes it on the next season of The Biggest Loser!! You will probably see my toe or something!!

After that I took a little nap and then played some games with some of the other guests. It was raining, thundering, and lightening so there weren't any activities outside! It was like rainy day recess!! Saturday night was graduation, so again, we watched the dvd and pictures of the weeks events. Afterwards they played Family Feud in the dining hall, but I decided to go to the room and read and relax!

Sunday was a pretty boring day....of course you try and sleep in, but after getting up at 5:45 all week, 7 was the lastest I could sleep in. Of course the weekend is always sad because you have to say goodbye to the friends you have made the last week or two. I took a nap in the afternoon and waited anxiously for my new roommate, who I thought was going to be a gal named Tracy that I met on facebook, but to our surprise, she was in a different room. Of course, instead, I got the roommate from H-E-double hockey sticks! I am not going into detail, but it is bad enough that I have asked to change rooms at the end of this week because she will be here for 2 weeks. Too much stress and negative energy that I DONT need!!

Moving on, Monday....Had a good hike this morning. It is about 10 degrees cooler this Monday then last Monday, so that was REALLY nice!! Today's menu wasn't fantastic so I substituted as needed! I have found that I LOVE having the toast in the morning because I can add cinnamon and a 0 calorie sweetener to make cinnamon toast! It is the BEST!!! I had the same classes as usual and all in all it was a good day. My knee is giving me a little bit of trouble, mostly at the end of hikes and for a short time afterwards, but I am pushing through it. I am proud to say that I have not missed one class!!! It frustrates me to see people that miss classes for silly reasons. It is understandable if they are really sick or hurt.......But I guess I don't have to worry about them...it is their loss!!

Tuesday....Went on a hike this morning called 3rd Ravine. The guide gave us a choice of the easy way or intermediate way, and I originally said easy, but changed my mind because I know I need to push myself. So.....we literally were climbing rocks for an hour or so!! It was pretty difficult, but well worth it in the end. Again my knee was killing me by the end of the hike, but that just shows me that I pushed it!! The path down was a lot easier, to some extent...gradual decline on a mostly flat surface.

Again, I attended all of the classes, including an open gym that is required after your first week here. I was most frustrated when I came to lay down for an hour after lunch before my next class and my roommate was here napping, and had been since 10:15...and didnt get up until 2:15...Why you ask? Because she was exhausted!! HELLLLOOOOOOO......SO AM I BUT YOU DON'T SEE ME wasting my time in bed!! Sorry, got off on a little tangent....Good thing I only have to worry about me!!

The most interesting part of the day....BBQ Ostrich Burger for dinner....I did have this, and it wasn't half bad. It tasted like a chewy burger pretty much. And because it is Tuesday, we got Chocolate Covered Strawberries for dessert! YAY US!!!!!

OH!!! Almost forgot to mention the newbies here this week! Matt Hoover, the season 2 winner of the Biggest Loser is here, as well as Max (otherwise known as Ron's son and Mikes brother) from season 7! He looks amazing and is here for 5 weeks! He was here for 3 months last summer. Him and Matt are both kind of shy, so I have been trying my best to chat with them, but for some reason I have been pretty shy too. But once you get to know them a little bit, they are really great guys! AND...I had forgotten that Matt lives in Seattle, so that is pretty cool!!

Anyway, I think this blog is WAYYYY longer then it should be so, I am sorry for that (if you even made it this far)! Have a great week!!!

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