Friday, June 11, 2010

Fitness Ridge Week 2

Sorry it has been a few days since I last blogged. The beginning of the week started out good but progressively got worse for me. Not sure what the deal is but I am just not looking forward to my next 2 weeks. I am mostly tired of the food! It is about half and half as far as what is good and what isn't so I guess I should be a little happy. I know that is why I need to be here for 4 weeks....because I love food so much!!! If I left here on Sunday, the first place I would go is a fast food restaurant, and I know right where they are from here! I expressed my personal issues today when the group that is staying over talked about accomplishments for the week and goals for next week. My goal is to be more positive about being here and be more open-minded. Of course I was bawling when I said this so it was kind of embarrassing, but everyone here is so supportive and caring! My accomplishment this week was that I ran 5.0 on the treadmill for a minute, took a minute break, and then ran another minute! I was pretty proud of that, but it hurt my knee. I will try again next week.

We had all the same classes this week that we had last week, just in a different order. The weather started out at 105 on Monday and decreased to high 80's today with a lot of wind! We are supposed to have thunder storms tomorrow, which I am pretty excited about!

I got some great stuff in the mail this week! Cards from my mom, sister, and friend Jeni! I also got an Ipod Touch from my mom for my birthday! I am looking forward to having music to listen to on the hikes. I still have to figure out all the apps and stuff, so that is my plan this weekend! Since I got that I ordered the Nike+ Sensor. It is a little sensor about the size of my thumb that you put on your shoe and it tracks how far you walk and how many calories you burn and sends the info to the Ipod. I have that to figure out this weekend too! I got 3 gifts today from my friend Jeni! I met her on facebook at the beginning of the year on the Fitness Ridge Facebook page. We were going to be here the exact same 4 weeks and we were going to be roommates, but unfortunately she had to cancel. She has been SOOOO supportive despite not being able to make it. She sent me a beaded book mark, made of my favorite colors and with butterflies on the ends, a photo album that is embroidered and says Fitness Ridge 2010 on the front, and a gift card to target for my birthday! Everyone here is envious about how much mail I get, so I feel kind of bad, but I am learning to accept it! LOL

Tomorrow should be a fun day! There are 5 people here currently that could possibly be on the next season of the Biggest Loser. They did a challenge with some others near their home town and the five that are here unfortunately lost the challenge. The 2 that won got to be on the show. This is their second week here. It is uncertain what exactly will happen with them, but there is a film crew coming tomorrow to do some filming! They had a sign up for "extras" in the filming, but I got to it too late :( Oh well, we shall see what happens! I found out tonight that one of the girls is a back up singer for Beyonce! She is an amazing singer, so I believe it!

Well, it is Friday night and we only have two classes tomorrow so I am pretty excited about that! Hope you all have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! Sounds like a great experience! However, I am more happy for you than I am jealous =] You are doing so well and I am proud of you! I will keep my fingers crossed that they need an extra extra...LOL! I love you Sister!

Julie L said...

Second half will be better than the first are already a winner! Sending you good vibes to rally! ;)

Lisa said...

Sending good vibes also. I would do about anything to be able to go there. I do find it interesting, your the first out of all the blogs that I have followed that doesnt like the food!