Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fitness Ridge: The rest of week 3

Wednesday was a typical day here. After dinner I went to Target with a van full of people. That is an option every Wednesday here, so it was nice to get away! After we got home, it felt like the back of my legs were on fire, so I checked them and they were all red, hot and blotchy! So, the next day, I ended up going to the doctor because the creams and medicine people were giving me weren't working. After having to pay out of pocket for the appointment and medicines, the doc told me it was excema, which I disagree with since I have had excema all my life and it has never looked like that. It has to be some kind of heat rash of some sort. But anyway, putting medicine on it and hoping it gets better!!

Due to going to the doctor Thursday afternoon, I missed a couple of classes, which was really ok with me because they were the first classes I have missed since being here. But I got back in time for the 3rd class and pushed myself really hard. I felt really good about it. I RAN every interval, which was about 17 minutes all together with short recovery times in between. The best part was that it didn't make my knee hurt too bad!

Friday, I opted to not go on the hike because there was a lot of up and down hill, climbing rocks and I knew it would hurt my knee too, so I walked around the neighborhood and worked out in the gym. A lot of people do this when they have injuries or don't want to go on hikes that may kill them! lol In one of my classes today, I ran on the treadmill again! Then I took 2 Cardio Disco Jam classes because I didn't want to go in the pool. It was so much fun! This evening I had a reflexology massage. They mostly focus on your feet, but he massaged my hands and ears too. Yes, I said ears! I thought that was kind of weird, but whatever! lol

Saturday morning is your choice of hike or Cardio Blast in the gym for 2 1/2 hours. I CHOSE to do Stop Sign! This one is 4.3 miles ALL up hill,and once you get to the top you start walking back down until your time is up and then they pick you up. Well, I started a mile up the trail and made it all the way to the top AND back to where I started! I did this same hike earlier in the week and did it about 20 minutes quicker this time! I had to jog a little bit on the way down so I would make it in time! I felt really good about it. The next and last class was a pool class and we got to play volleyball! It was SOOO much fun!! The class lasted 45 minutes, but we all stayed in another 45 minutes because we were having a blast!

Saturday afternoon is a time for relaxation! I read, did my laundry, packed my stuff to change rooms tomorrow (THANK GOODNESS), and took a nap. While packing, I decided to try on my first goal outfit.....and......IT FIT!!!! I was SOOO excited! I wore it to dinner and graduation, and when they passed the microphone around for everyone to talk, that is what I bragged about!! ALSO....they decided to celebrate my birthday this evening probably because most people were still there. I got balloons, flowers, a Happy Birthday tiara, an "Its My Birthday, spoil me" sash, and a couple of gifts from the friends I have made here. Then they sang happy birthday to me! It was really great and I am so thankful for everyone here! After graduation was Karaoke night, so of course that was great too!

Thank you everyone for all the continued support and encouragement! I am choosing not to weigh myself this week, because I want to be pleasantly surprised next week when I test out! 3 weeks down, 1 to go!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!


KC said...

Good job on getting into that goal outfit already!! Yea for you!!

snugs said...

I just want to say you GO GIRL!

gottaluvme3 said...

Thanks Girls!!!

ultramichelle said...

Congrats on the goal outfit. The hard work pays off you are a success.