Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fitness Ridge RESULTS!

Well, I tested out this morning and the results are in! In 4 weeks, I lost 25 pounds and 9 inches (5.25 just in my waist!) I was pretty excited about that, and ready to implement what I have learned at home.

My first test was at the Las Vegas airport. On Sundays, you get a sack lunch from Fitness Ridge, but I opted not to take it for a couple of reasons. One, I am one of few people that is actually tired of the food, and two, because it was soup on chicken salad sandwich. There would have been no way to heat the soup up (which I probably wouldn't have like anyway) and no way to keep the chicken salad cold. So my plan was to have Subway at the airport. Of course, to get to Subway, I had to walk right past Wendy's, my FAVORITE fast food place! But I did it, and I waited in line almost 30 minutes for my turn to get a little sandwich!

I had a good flight home and was happy to see my sister and my nieces! My mom met us at a restaurant for dinner. I also made great choices there! My niece and I shared a steak and each had a baked potato. She had hers loaded, but I just asked for butter on the side, so I could put on it what I wanted. I also had 1 roll. I say 1 because at this particular restaurant I would normally have at least 4 because they have the BEST honey butter!

Anyway, making this blog short, as it is already 10:30pm here and I am ready for my nice comfy bed!!

OH, but can't forget to include a pic of me in my goal dress!! 2 sizes smaller then the one I tried on the first week there!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!


Anonymous said...

Kristy--- CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD JOB!!!!! You look great-- love the goal dress... I hope you know what a diference you have made for yourself ,, and everyone reading this blog-- you did great!!! Be proud and continue strong
Take care-
Joan Griffith

gottaluvme3 said...

Thanks Joan!!